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Pandemic Diaries, Week three: April 3, 2020


The pandemic diaries Chapter3


April 3, 2010


Logan again here.  We’ve got a new option on the menu at the bottom of your screen. Click on the green MSG button and send us a message. We might even read it. Don’t send pictures unless you’re OK with having them shared with everybody on the call. We’re working on other features, such as voting. You might see Vote Now appear on your screen, and you can select one. For example.


Vote Now

Pick One:

Who is better looking:    Logan      or         Logan

That was easy.


We’re going kind of stir-crazy with being locked up. Governor Einstein (that’s what we call him in mixed company) announced that the lockdown will go on at least until April 15. That doesn’t make any sense. This stuff was supposed to be gone by now, and I don’t believe the April 15 date either. It doesn’t seem to be based on anything solid. The list of things that are allowed and others not allowed can’t possibly be based on science. Why is it safe to have fifteen people in a liquor store but not in a church? If Aunt Kamesha was here she’d give the man a piece of her mind.


Last week we began matching old computer owners to younger students without resources. Schools are trying to do all instruction on line, which can’t work for a student who has no line. The two ride-share companies do the pickup and delivery, and we pay them. Yesterday they delivered 51. Our goal is 500 a week until every child in the city is able to go online.


We had our Friday get-together last week and everybody showed up, including Deanna. Turns out she’s a nurse-practitioner the club hired to keep the players healthy and advise corporate about the pandemic. She talked with all of us at the party and had some sobering news. First, don’t let Mister Jake, Aunt Kamesha, or anybody else in that age range physically attend the wedding. I mean, that’s two months away, and the pandemic will be gone by then. She stared at me and I got the message.



She asked Tommy if he wanted team baseline temps in Celsius or Fahrenheit. He asked her for both so he didn’t have to waste time translating. I think he puts on the dumb-jock act. He said he’d take temps for every training session and make sure she got them. Yes, he knows how to do orthostatics and will add those if she wishes.


Some of the ball players from Dual Carolina University skyped in from a party off-campus. The freshmen were all making fools of themselves, just like we did. They had a game of truth or dare going on, and we finally disconnected. I never did figure out if it was maturity or jealousy on our part. We were all feeling pretty down, what with deaths being reported. Deanna asked if any of us had relatives in nursing homes. Tree has a grandmother in a nursing home, so Deanna got with him and they talked for a while.


I talked with Tree later, and it seems that Deanna is going to contact every long-term care facility with a relative of anyone with the team and track the relatives and their conditions and prognosis. I met with her on Wednesday and offered to sit in on phone calls. My job is to take notes and have legal references handy for when the home tried to excuse something by saying it was required by law. By today she’s arranged for court orders removing two elderly relatives to other places.


Tommy’s calling from the bedroom, and I recognize the tone and what it means. It’s become part of our pre-gathering ritual. A very pleasant part of the ritual. Now, I’m gonna say goodbye before I embarrass myself.

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