Monday, October 31, 2016

Only a few hours left

Finding Friendship, Book One of the Finding Series, will be available for less than twelve more hours at its pre-order price of $0.99. After that, the regular price of $2.99 will apply.

Finding Each Other, Book Two of the series, will be available for pre-order in mid-November 2016.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Just three days left to pre-order Finding Friendship at its pre-order reduced price

Finding Friendship, Volume One of the Finding Series, will be available until mid-day Monday, October 31, at the reduced price of $0.99. Thereafter, the regular price, $2,99, will apply.




Finding Each Other, Volume Two of the Finding Series, will be available for pre-order starting in mid-November 2016.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Finding Friendship now available for pre-order

Finding Friendship, first book of the Finding Trilogy, is now available for pre-order on at Pre-order price is $0.99, which will rise to $2.99 on October 31.

A gay man and a straight man fall for each other. Each brings issues and baggage to the relationship aside from different sexual orientations. Mike wants affection, which Luke supplies in large quantities. Luke wants a friend who accepts him as he is, which Mike does completely.

Luke refuses to give his heart to anyone because he has been badly burned twice. Mike is afraid he's being too needy and will drive Luke away. Mike won't do "gay stuff," but that doesn't preclude cuddling, kissing and more. Luke is afraid he'll lose Mike to a woman, while Mike is afraid he'll lose Luke to someone willing to have gay sex.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Looking for Input

The Finding series is finished. It is a trilogy exploring the issues and baggage brought to a bromance by a straight man and a gay man. Yes, there's some sex in the trilogy, but it's not the focus.

Finding Closure still needs to be edited, which should be complete by mid-December. At that point I plan to publish the entire series at once on Amazon in the Kindle Store.

Should I stick to that plan, or publish them in sequence?

Whether I publish them all together or all at once, should I make Volume One permanently free, to spark interest in the remainder of the series?

Thanks in advance for your input.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hello Thursday

We still have e-books available for giveaway. "I'm giving away copies of the following books for free to the first fifteen people who promise to leave an honest review of the book in the Kindle Store at E-mail me and tell me which one you want." Titles still available.

Taunting, murder mystery

The Trip to Helen Gawne, comedy

Life Struggles, drama

Life Contnues, drama

Four Seconds on the Clock, gay coming of age.


We are still looking for paid beta readers for The Men of Carolina


Next up in 2016, Did you ever see Allegro?, tale of a fictional college band 1969-70.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Book Giveaway

I'm giving away copies of the following books for free to the first fifteen people who promise to leave an honest review of the book in the Kindle Store at E-mail me and tell me which one you want.

Life Struggles Drama/Medical Mystery  Ethan McQuade is a recently-widowed investigative reporter for a New Orleans newspaper. Thirty-one year old Ethan and his step-son of eighteen, Alex DeLauder, live together in a fragile truce that is broken and repaired at least daily. Unfortunately, the glue is running out as the relationship deteriorates.

Then Alex mysteriously disappears and his clothes are found at the curb...
LIfe Continues Drama  Alex acts out while Ethan tries to cope. The stepson/stepfather duo cycles among fighting, sulking, looking for love (and sex if available), and having spectacular meltdowns.
Alex is arrested for soliciting prostitution...
The Trip to Helen Gawne Comedy  Four lifetime friends go on a road trip to take one last shot at winning the heart of their mutual former crush, the Prom Queen. Except it’s almost fifty years after high school and the guys are all in their sixties. What can possibly go wrong?
Taunting Mystery  Somebody is killing the elderly members of New Orleans’ venerable Martyrs’ Episcopal Church. Are bigots targeting the church for holding gay weddings? Are activists targeting the church because its priest wants to preach instead of politicize, and minister instead of marching? Or, perhaps it’s because the church’s congregation has shrunk while the value of its land has skyrocketed.
Four Seconds on the Clock Coming of Age/MM Romance  Two gay teen basketball players struggle with the aftermath of trauma. Logan, the team playmaker,  has everythng, but his world is crumbling around him. Tommy, team captain and Logan's former best friend, hates Logan almost as much as Logan hates Tommy. At the state championship final, Logan collapses. Tommy follows shortly thereafter.
Coach suspects he knows what the problem is, but not what to do about it.