Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Finding Closure release set for early February 2017


I had hoped to release Finding Closure, volume three of the Finding Series, in early January. That will be postponed to early February. My editor has identified two problem areas in the draft, and she is right. One will be easy to fix, the other requires a new approach to a quarter of the book.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Asking for input


I'm most of the way through the first draft of Did You Ever See Allegro?, which follows a college garage band 1969-1970, then its members separate lives after college. Point of View changes from Chapter to Chapter, with each of the six band members taking turns.

I think it's working. Have you had experience reading changing POV books, and what did you think of them?



Thursday, December 8, 2016

Publication rate will be less going forward


This year has been a record for books published.

- Taunting, a mystery, went live in January

- The Trip to Helen Gawne, a comedy, went live in February

- Life Continues, a drama, went live in July

- Finding Friendship, exploration of an unusual relationship, went live in October

- Its sequel, Finding Each Other, went live in November.

The third volume in the Finding Series, Finding Closure, should go live in January 2017.

Meanwhile I'm doing some cleanup. The Women of New England is due to a publisher before the end of January. The Men of Carolina, a love story, is at a publisher now, awaiting the inevitable requests for changes.

Several are underway, and I'd like some feedback about which should get first focus.

Did You Ever See Allegro, the tale of a 1969-1970 college garage band, is about 65% complete in first draft. Harassing, a mystery - book two of the FlintFiles, is barely started, as is The Head Game, a sports comedy. Life Creates, third volume of the Life Stories series, is in concept. It will be narrated by Alex, the stepson of Ethan, who narrated the first two volumes. An untitled work follows two friends from elementary school through collecting social security; it is about 5% complete. The Men of the Northwest, a buddy tale about three men who go camping every Labor Day Weekend for 35 years, is also at about 5%.

Which should I work on first?

Thanks, Mark

Monday, December 5, 2016

Update on the Men of Carolina/The Women of New England


I have been asked by a publisher to complete the Women of New England, and have sent The Men of Carolina to another publisher, unsolicited. I'll keep you updated.