Monday, November 30, 2015

Been gone a while

I spent weeks focused on recapturing the arc of the Finding series. Got it back finally. In order to get the story on track to ride the arc I had to have a cow fall on Luke. Strange as it sounds, I think it actually works.

Emgee is now whispering parts of the (b)romance to me at night. Silly puppy, who does he think he is anyway? He has his own books to write.

In other news, The Head Game is starting to come together, and The Trip to Helen Gawne comes back from the editor tomorrow. If my Canadian editor doesn't like it one of us must die.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Emgee Adopts a Pet

The Emgee series is a free companion set to the Finding series. It is written by a mixed Jack Russell Terrier/Beagle. Emgee meets Suit-smell man and soon finds that he is forced to adopt the strange people person. Emgee is scared. He's just a puppy himself and is not ready to be responsible for a pet.

What will he feed him? How will he take care of him if he gets sick? How will he train him? Suit-smell man obviously needs a lot of work. Emgee found what is self-evidently Suit-smell man's drinking bowl and then discovers that Suit-smell man pees in it. Ugh!!

Paint-smell man must be Suit-smell man's Mommy. He has to teach Suit-smell man the most basic things about how to deal with a dog. But Paint-smell man won't let Suit-smell man feed on his teats (which, frankly, aren't that impressive anyway). Since Emgee's new pet already has a Mommy, why is he Emgee's responsibility.

Things are really weird. When he's with other people persons Suit-smell man exudes an unmistakable odor: Leader of the Pack. A puppy is the pack leader but still has a Mommy and needs an owner. Life is confusing for Emgee.

The Global Conspiracy

Life Struggles introduced a global conspiracy to harvest rare blood antigens to use as weapons. A reader has suggested I continue the conspiracy story apart from the Life Stories series in which it first arose.

Suggestions? Thoughts?