Thursday, January 18, 2018

Two new books published this week.

Four Seconds on the Clock: College Freshmen was published today on Amazon Kindle. The young men go to Dual Carolina University and join the basketball team. Their relationship suffers from distrust, jealousy, anger, infidelity and other issues. Tommy also runs cross-country, where the team captain is a homophobe. Logan also plays volleyball, where the team takes coed showers. Their biological families reject them, so the create a family of their choosing. They experience all the normal parts of college life: uninhibited drunken parties, working to fit in, making new friends, even their first four-way. The basketball season has ups and downs. Tommy is seriously injured, they beat the number one team in the country, and, most of all, they do a great job of screwing with the other teams’ minds.

For reasons known only to Amazon, the cover is not yet uploaded. 

 This is the sequel to Four Seconds on the Clock, a tale of two young men dealing with the aftermath of trauma, which just reached Kindle’s number 257 in Sports Romance. The original remains on free promotion through January 18.

Kyle Randolph is another member of our group. His Life of Kyle, Volume Two, was also published this week. Kyle and Adam become closer, life is great, until storm clouds gather. They might be separated by an ocean, and neither man is happy about that. Adam has an important decision to make, one that will either save their relationship, or destroy it. This is the sequel to Life of Kyle: And things were going so well.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Forbidden Love on free promotion

Kyle Randolph's steamy love story, Forbidden Romance: A Class Apart, is on a free promotion through January 10, 2018, in Amazon's Kindle Store. Check it out, as well as Kyle's hot semi-autobiography, Life of Kyle Volume One: And Things were Going so Well.  .

The second volume of Kyle's semi-autobiography is in conversion to Kindle format and will be available soon.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

New Book Available January 22

Four Seconds on the Clock: College Freshmen will be available for purchase on Amazon Kindle on January 22. The sequel to Four Seconds on the Clock, a coming-of-age tale about two teenagers recovering from the aftermath of trauma, follows Logan and Tommy to their first year at Dual Carolina University.

The young men are on basketball scholarships, which, at DCU, is nothing like most NCAA Division One schools. Instead of being treated like minor gods, at DCU they live in the dorms, and eat in the cafeteria, with all the other students. They must maintain a minimum B average, and take a menial job on campus, to keep their scholarships. They do get rental cars, but they're used compacts, and the athletes have to insure and maintain them, and buy all the gas. Everything else is an academic basketball program: Basketball in the middle of an Academic Program.

They are still haunted by the trauma they underwent, and are inhibited by the memories. They adjust well to college life - making friends, going to parties, studying, and practicing. The team welcomes them, helps them, and protects them. Situations regularly stress, and change, their relationships with each other and their families. Tommy's father tells him I don't have a son, while Logan learns that his mother considers him nothing but an ATM.

They keep up with friends, including the other high school basketball starters; every one got a full scholarship to a school in the highly-competitive Atlantic Coast Conference. Their team has its first winning season in decades, and the celebrations are, well, interesting. Characters from the fist book, such as Aunt Kamisha (Aunt Scary Lady), lawyer Uncle Paul, and Coach play significant roles. So do new characters, including Dr. Janet Buttermaker, the school's first female head coach; Muhanmad Wilson, a role model and ready with good advice; Jay Poppinseed, who regularly hosts epic parties; and others.

The guys repeatedly find themselves jealous, then back together, then really jealous, then ... who knows? Their friends' teams all were invited to March Madness; can a team with its first winning record in years participate? These and other issues are resolved, but not the trauma aftermath. It continues to plague them, with little respite.

The original, Four Seconds on the Clock, will go on a free special January 21-23, to celebrate the sequel.