Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Non-Fiction Works


I've started two non-fiction books.

So You Want to Start a Business? is based on nearly forty years of starting businesses, and helping others do the same. There are basics that everybody needs, and help deciding what kind of business to start. You'll learn how to start your own online business selling products, as well as selling products from a physical location. Discover which new businesses are the most successful, the most profitable, and which have the highest failure rate along with the lowest profits. You'll also discover how to navigate starting a new services business.

Monday, December 10, 2018

The End is Near


It seems my writing days are numbered.

I will have brain surgery in January or February to improve a neurological disorder that is incurable. The recent diagnosis explains why I’ve been having so difficult a time completing books. I’m starting a new series, Frankenbuzz: Detectives, Not Mad Scientists. The first book, Sea Monsters, will be co-authored with Samantha Mason. There is no due date yet.

Part four of the Finding Series is partially-written and next on the list. I also want to complete Did You Ever See Allegro? It’s been three years to this point. I’m not certain I have enough time left to finish all three.