Thursday, July 2, 2020

New Book Release this Weekend

Spring Break Awakening is set for release this weekend. It’s Volume One of a lighthearted series entitled Another Pointless College Story with Lots of Gratuitous Sex. Volume Two, Spring Break Resort, is anticipated in September. 

Jeff has money and is getting ready to go on his last Spring Break. His roommate, Rick, is flat broke and even free might be too expensive. He’s never gone to the college ritual, and wasn’t planning on it. Then, they got invitations to a presentation offering a chance to win a free all-expenses paid trip. He’s still hesitant until Jeff seals the deal: Free food and booze.

They guys fill out questionnaires, and wait for word on whether they’ve won. Rick runs into Sandra, plain-looking, talented, smart, broke and interesting. They want to get to know one another before thinking of anything else. Jeff encounters Ebony, a gorgeous, self-confident woman running a successful internet business. They’ve decided they want to get to know one another, but that shouldn’t delay anything else.

The two couples win, and get ready for the trip. Rick goes to a job interview held on another planet; Next, Jeff substitutes as a waiter at a bachelorette party and winds up in handcuffs in an emergency room. Then, things get complicated.

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