Thursday, July 9, 2020

New Feature Starts Tomorrow

We start a new feature tomorrow, a serialized pandemic journal from two characters, Logan Matthews and Tommy West. It is planned to appear every Friday, with the guys alternating weekly entries.

Tommy and Logan had realized their dreams at the end of, their senior year at Dual Carolina University, setting school and some conference records on the basketball court. They made it to the NCAA tournament each year, never winning, but losing to Duke and their mutual brother, Antoine Jackson, in their Junior Year. They joined the Chicago Minotaurs of the NBA, and got married that night.

Both young men were realistic about their ability to play in the NBA. They could make it, get some game time, occasionally start, but being NBA players wasn't their dream. They had survived severe trauma as high school freshmen, and it affected their lives for years afterward. Neither had nightmares, both had been through counseling, and they came out the other side of recovery stronger, and knowing what they wanted to do with their lives. Logan had joined the team’s legal department as a paralegal while attending law school. He would work with the team after passing the bar, and he was spending most of his time protecting abused high school athletes. Tommy led the team’s outreach program to damaged youth, using sports, experience, and the support of his extended chosen family, to help heal.

Things were going swimmingly until New Year’s Day, when Tommy noticed an inconspicuous news article about Taiwan. It seemed the island nation had closed its borders to all foreigners, and would only allow its citizens already abroad to return. When they arrived, they were put in isolation for two weeks. Something about a virus.

They talked with Rick, a professor of medicine who had been Logan’s uncle’s roommate in college. He told them he wasn’t a virologist, but a friend in Taiwan had told him to get prepared to go into temporary quarantine just in case. Neither of the newlyweds was particularly worried, but they didn’t send it back when Antoine gave them a complete home gym. There went the den.

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