Friday, July 10, 2020

Four Seconds on the Clock: The Pandemic Diaries

Four Seconds on the Clock: The Pandemic Diaries

March 20, 2020

Hi, it’s Logan Matthews here. The shit show from hell starts tomorrow. Our idiot governor is shutting down the whole state of Illinois because of a pandemic. I sure hope he knows what he’s doing. The order doesn’t make a lot of sense because analogous activities are treated very differently. I mean, why is it OK to gather in a medical marijuana shop but not a church?

Anyway, Tommy and I are positioned to make the best of it. We just got the invitation to Antoine and Maia’s wedding. She’s the granddaughter of Mister Jake; we’ll tell you about him some time. It’s not until June, so this pandemic thing should be over by then.

The den had been my office and broadcast studio. I do a lot of pro bono work and support for the Minotaurs. Some of that involves internet broadcasts. I work out with some of the team members most weeks. In an emergency I think they can put me on the roster and let me play. I’ll do OK, it’s just not my career. 

We’ve consolidated our offices/studios in the second bedroom. Tommy does a lot more broadcasting than I do. He leads workout sessions and teaches classes on health and hygiene for the underprivileged youth. He sees more of the team than I do since he’s an assistant trainer. He got his degree in Physical Education and got a therapeutic massage certification at the same time. So, he works part time as a sports masseur for the team, does some individual training, and practices with the team about the same amount I do. We agree that playing for the NBA isn’t our lives’ goal, and he can be put on the roster if needed.

He’s been teaching a course in Men’s Health to the young guys he works with in the outreach program. That’s going to have to go on the internet until the pandemic’s over. Of course, Antoine figured things out even quicker than I did, and called Tommy to volunteer as a model for the broadcast on care and cleaning of the foreskin.

Tommy will write next week’s journal entry, then me. Then the pandemic is supposed to be done.

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