Wednesday, July 15, 2020

A delectable find.

I’ve discovered a real delight, a sometimes-quirky but always thought-provoking wide-ranging blog called Dangerous Intersection. You’ll find it at The owner is Erich Vieth, a modern Renaissance Man. By turns an attorney, musician, photographer, author and father, Mr. Vieth and I share what I believe are two characteristics, and have one distinct difference. First, he is an eclectic. That is in-your-face evident from the wide range of topics he covers. Secondly, I suspect he is a small “l” libertarian. His positions are unpredictable in a Blue-Red world, where believing in civil rights is supposed to mean supporting everything Democrats, or liberals, or Progressives support, while believing in individual responsibility is supposed to mean supporting everything Republicans, or conservatives, support. Libertarians are typically social liberals and fiscal conservatives, thus both major parties reject them. I can’t think of a better endorsement.

The distinct difference is that he lives in a time-zone with at least 160 hours per day, where he has time to do a great number of things and do them all well. I, on the other hand, live in a time zone with about nine hours per day, and I sleep eight of those. The other hour I use to wake up, then it’s back to bed.

Topics I’ve read thus far have concerned barriers to sensitive discussion of complex issues, identity politics, party at Lake of the Ozarks, uncrossable lines in Wokeland, and a few others. It does not matter whether I agree with him or not, because his reasoning is always sound and his words make me think. The blog was begun more than a decade ago, and I’ve got a lot of reading to do. He has separate sites for his lawyershipness, his photography and his music. I may not live long enough to complete the Dangerous Intersection blog, but I’m going to try before engaging with any of the rest of his content. I would be embarrassingly distracted.

Looki!There goes a squirrel!

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