Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Pandemic Journal August 28, 2020



Logan here after a very lengthy absence. Things have gotten wild here in Chicago. For a while I thought a quarter of the city was going to be destroyed. I was wrong; I think it’s going to be at least a third. Crime is out of control. And, that’s what wound up with this week’s clusterfuck. All of our rooms are occupied.

There was a drive-by shooting right outside our free clinic. Tommy and Consuelo, a nurse, ran out because an ambulance driver passing by was collateral damage, and there were two dead people, two sick people and a couple of wounded outside. We were overwhelmed. Both Consuelo and Tommy had their masks pulled off in the scuffle, and were infected. Both tested positive.

That’s easy for me and Tommy. He got his own room, and we cleared out the gym and stacked shit nine-feet deep in the dining room so Consuelo would have a place to stay.  Deeann made daily visits, and I had to live in PPE, do all the cooking and cleaning, and no sex for almost three weeks. Skype is wonderful.

Anyway, Consuelo’s unemployed husband stayed with the kids, the stand-by nurse replaced Consuelo, and the clinic was running on fumes. We were all cleared after three weeks. Neither Tommy nor Consuelo ever had anything more than a bad cold. They got off easy. I had to become a short-order cook, and I’d have given my left nut to get Aunt Kamesha to visit until this crap was over. All the other two did was complain about the food and wine. That’s actually whine. They demanded drink service around the clock. I ordered refrigerators for both of them and left them outside their doors. Then I got complaints about how they couldn’t hook up the ice makers. I turned the air-conditioning down. Now they want blankets.

I’ve enjoyed as much pandemic as I can. The new date for doing away with restrictions is October. Yeah!


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