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Pandemic Journal, July 31, 2020


Pandemic Journal July 31, 2020


I’m Logan Matthews. your host tonight. My husband, Tommy West, will be back next week. This is the weekly pandemic journal, broadcasting from beautiful downtown Chicago, the home of mostly peaceful protests and mostly stupid politicians.


We are protected from the consequences of many people’s stupidity because we are part of a protected class: professional athletes. Our building is owned by the Minotaurs, our use of the facilities part of our compensation. We are drawing very nice compensation and can do whatever work required of us without leaving a secure cocoon. The same is not true for much of our country. So, we spend a lot of time trying to expand the cocoon to fellow Americans.


We do that through programs that Tommy runs for at-risk youth, through my efforts to get competent legal representation for marginalized people, through our food program and the clinic. I doubt that everything we do conforms with the lockdown orders. It’s just that a professional sports team can get away with a lot of things normal people can’t. If Joe the plumber is arrested for violating lockdown orders to go to work and feed his family, he’s screwed. If Antoine Jackson goes to work he isn’t arrested; he gets a press conference.


Anyway, enough about the news. Tommy and I have started a new hobby, building our dream vacation. So far, we’ve decided on a driving trip across the country, a big circle. We’ll leave from Chicago and drive through Wisconsin and Minnesota on our way to the Dakotas. We go to Mount Rushmore and to the Crazy Horse sculpture. That’s gonna be amazing. We’re gonna visit the ghost town, Deadwood. Tommy says that Rue McLanahan, the woman who played Blanche on the Golden Girls, had something to do with the town. I’m not really sure if I’ve ever seen the Golden Girls, or what it is exactly. Tommy tells me we should swing by Saint Olaf in Minnesota on our way through so I can visit my relatives. Something tells me that’s not a compliment,


The clinic called; both translating nurses are overrun and there’s a family of eleven from Central America that just came in the door. Gotta go. Tommy will talk to you next week.


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