Friday, July 8, 2016

New books are coming together

Hope your summer is going well.

Finding Friendship, volume one of a trilogy about a bromance between a straight man and a gay man, is mid-way through beta reading. Cover is two months overdue, and I'm seeking alternatives. Then I need to find an editor and proofreader, convert and upload. Probably another two months. About 250 pages. The companion free novella, Emgee Adopts a Pet, is ready except for converion. Will be uploaded to Amazon Kindle simultaneously with Finding Friendship.

Life Continues, volume two of the Life Story Series, a tale of the relationship between a thirty-one year old journalist and his nineteen-year-old stepson, is a month overdue out of editing. Still need proofreading and a cover. Will be uploaded to Amazon Kindle within a month of exiting editing. About 225 pages.

The Men of Carolina, a stand-alone novel about the fourteen-year journey of a gay man's search for love, is through beta reading. Cover is done, need an editor and proofreader, then conversion. Probably another three months before upload to Amazon Kindle because it's about 600 pages.

Did You Ever See Allegro, the story of a 1969-1970s garage band, should be through development in another month. Look for it before the end of the year on Amazon Kindle

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