Thursday, July 21, 2016

Life Continues, the Sequel to the five-star-rated Life Changes, goes live Friday July 29

Alex's mother, and Ethan's wife, is dead. Alex acts out and makes his step-father's life miserable. Ethan, on the other hand, is struggling with his responsibility for Alex, as well as his profession, journalism. Not to mention that Ethan is getting serious about a woman, who is alreay serious about a man, who is already serious about his boyfriend. Watch the dominoes fall.

Ethan travels around the country writing stories, such as the average day of a police officer, and life in towns and cities where German, Polish, French and Portuguese are the first language of most residents, some of whom have lived there for seventy years.

Ethan and his girlfriend attend a party thrown for a pair of visiting Swedih-speaking Finnish nudists. Would the U.S. have invaded Iraq if its men's manslems hadn't been cut as infants? Read and find out.

Dana's parents visit and want to take Alex to their home in Madison, Wisconsin, where he will get a proper upbringing. They are outspoken social liberals and lifetime members of the NAACP. They just want to get Alex away from an envionment in which colored people visit his house, which is located next to two homo-sex-walls.

Drama, grief, closure and humor appear when least expected.

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