Saturday, March 19, 2016

Get a free book!

The new site has a couple of days of testing, then it goes live not later than March 25. Meanwhile, the e-mail is active and I'm responding to messages from readers.

Visit the new site,, between March 25 and April 1, sign up for the newsletter, and let me know which free book you would like.

Taunting, a mystery

The Trip to Helen Gawne, a comedy

Life Struggles, drama and a medical mystery

Four Seconds on the Clock, coming of age and coming out.

Life Continues, the sequel to Life Struggles, is scheduled for pubication on KIndle at in May, 2016.

Final Drafts of the three-volume (b)romance should be done this summer. Planned publication is for October, 2016.

Happy Reading!


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