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Pandemic Diaries, April 24, 2020


Pandemic Diaries, April 24, 2020


Me again. Logan’s on probation for now and not allowed to broadcast until the furniture stores open again, or he figures out how to fix what he broke last week. You can send me e-mails if you want about what kind of punishment he’ll get. He was a very bad boy last week.


We’re going stir-crazy. Not supposed to go outside, which has to be stupid. I read where the 1918 Spanish flu didn’t start improving until patients were moved outdoors where sunlight could reach them, and they weren’t rebreathing the same germs they’d just coughed out.


Our brilliant governor extended the damned stay at home order through the end of May. This shit was supposed to be done with in two weeks. I don’t think anybody knows much about it. Rick, Uncle Paul’s college roommate, turned us on to Medcram, a series of videos that explains the pandemic and associated stuff in something close to layman’s terms. It’s on YouTube, and Deanna watches it with us some times, to help explain the medical terms. I’m gonna show you a short example here.




Maia told us her mother has taken Plaquenil for years and has never had a problem with it. I guess the controversy is the usual political bullshit.


So, we’ve got emails. Abby H. in Chicago writes, Will Logan and you have children? We’ve talked about it, and agree that we’d like to look into fostering a teen first. There are plenty of troubled teens in the system that need help, and I’ve found that most of them respond well to being respected and having some structure in their lives. Not all, but there’s no such thing as “everybody is.” After we’ve got some experience with fostering, we’ll look again at adopting.


Marcy W. in Milwaukee writes, Did you and Logan ever have sex with a woman? Ah, I guess I can answer that. Yes, both of us have had sex with women. Now we’ve got a pile of emails coming in. From Queenie in Florida, What are their names? Queenie, none of your business. Ah, here’s one from George in Colorado. Did you like the taste of I’m not going to read the rest of it. And, George, none of your business. OK, last one. From Ray in San Diego. Will you and Logan get married? Ray, I’m sorry to say, it seems we missed you on the invitation list. We’ll be celebrating our first anniversary in about a month.


We’ve gotten a lot of emails asking for our predictions for this year. I won’t speak for Logan, but in my opinion, we’ll be lucky to see a season at all. It’s a shame, but nobody can make up his mind about what to do. Play in an empty arena sucks, no two ways about it. Test the players. If we get tested any more, we’re gonna grow permanent Q-tips in our noses. Logan and I have to get tested whenever the team is tested because of our status. We can be called up basically at will, but Logan’s a playmaker and we’ve already got two high-quality playmakers on the team. I’m a good shooting guard, but we’ve got depth in all positions. Hell, even Tree can play shooting guard.


Logan has a guy he’s been helping with some insurance stuff, and the guy’s undocumented, as they say. He’s from Central America, and writes that there’s a whole community in Chicago that fall through the cracks. He’s a day laborer, does landscaping, pool installation, fence building kind of shit. There are about twenty of them, and he says they all laugh when told to work from home and just send in their stuff over the internet. He hasn’t been able to get a two by four through the wires yet. If he doesn’t go out every day and look for work, his kids don’t eat. I’m so glad our politicians continue to get paid, and can do their work from home, but not everybody’s like them.


Food stores are open, so I go out twice a week with Deanna and we load up on food for the Central Americans. It’s not charity, it’s being human. If Aunt Kamesha hadn’t been there for me and Logan, I don’t know what we’d have done. It’s our turn now. The players in the building, plus me and Logan, take turns providing a credit card. Then, every Tuesday and Friday night, Juan Carlos brings his truck and we load it with what we’ve got. Deanna is teaching me a lot about nutrition, and she is gonna start a free clinic for the uninsured open Saturday morning for kids. Becca’s been working with Rick for several years and knows everything there is to know about ordering medical supplies, and I help with taking test samples and doing some physical therapy with the kids. Logan’s there to translate, and it’s kinda the highlight of our week.


Except, of course, for our Friday broadcasts. You guys are great.


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