Monday, May 4, 2020

Retrenching and back to work

It flopped badly. The book, that is, Did You Ever See A Leg Grow? One copy sold so far, not encouraging. I‘m continuing on with the story of Elvis, the dental surgeon, and his girlfriend, Fran, the retired podiatrist. They’re going together on a medical mission to West Africa, both seventy years old.. I’m not sure when it will be ready for editing, probably not before December. It’s number one on my list. No working title

Number two priority is taking a considerable pile of semi-complete works and finishing them into a series. Another Pointless College Story with Lots of Gratuitous Sex. Volume One, Spring Break Awakening, is almost there. It ends when the two couples get to the new resort. Volume Two, untitled at the moment, will pick the story up from there. I should have both ready to go by mid-June.

The Frankenbuzz Detective Agency series is still alive, but it’s number three on my priority list. I lost all of last year to health issues, and so far have been at half speed in 2020. Time will tell. Their first case (and first book) will deal with serial killers targeting luxury charter yachts.

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