Saturday, February 8, 2020

New Pieces Underway

Did You Ever See Allegro? Is in the hands of Cassie, my editor, and I will await the outcome of her expert work. Hope to launch the book and the website, around April 2020.

Three pieces underway. First is a new nostalgia piece about lifetime friends who meet in kindergarten in 1953, live very different lives, but remain best friends into their seventies. They’ll be observing and commenting on the world around themselves. Working title is The Greatest of These.

Second is a new mystery series, Frankenbuzz Detective Agency. Frank and Buzz get to work as private eyes after Frank’s job as a de facto pimp and Buzz’s job as a B&E specialist come to unfortunate ends. Their first job is undercover on a luxury yacht.

Third is another nostalgia piece, this one taking The Trip to Helen Gawne's podiatrist and dental surgeon and sending them on their way to West Africa on a medical mission. It's headed by an internist who doesn't do surgery, so she uses these two as general surgeons, one cutting, the other handling anesthesia. Hey, you use the tools you have. Plenty of chances for them to remember the fifties and sixties of their youths.


  1. I've been on a bit of a mystery binge lately, so I'm really excited to read about the detective agency! Hoping for some great action scenes, and perhaps a plot twist.

    1. The Frankenbuzz Detective Agency series has been started. I took a wrong turn, but I've fixed it. The first book occurs on board a luxury yacht where the guests are just dying to get off.