Saturday, December 14, 2019

Did You Ever See Allegro? MEET THE BAND MEMBERS

I’m Joe Delaney, the good lookin' hunk in the picture. The guys are putting together a band and want me to play drums. I’d rather sing, but all of us are voice majors, so there’s a lot of competition. I think I’m the best singer in the group, but everybody else thinks he is. They’re all wrong, of course, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

I started playing drums when I was twelve, about ten years ago. I took to it naturally. Here at the Cumberland Conservatory we have a show band, and I’m the percussionist. I also play tympani in the conservatory orchestra and snare in the concert band. Plus a trap set in the jazz band. There are days where I have a hard time remembering I’m supposed to be a singer.

I grew up in Nebraska. The joke is that that’s where men are men and sheep are nervous. Actually, the big advantage of Nebraska is that a huge part of the state is covered in marijuana. In the fifties and sixties everybody smoked cigarettes. As kids we’d be told by teenagers about getting high by smoking marijuana, so we did. Honestly, nobody seemed to mind. The police didn’t give a shit, all of them had grown up smoking weed. When I got to Cumberland, I thought it was weird that you couldn’t go into your backyard and harvest a high. You had to go to a dealer.

I started going to dealers for my weed, and they had other stuff, so I tried that, too. I’m never trying heroin, that stuff will kill you. But I used lots of the other drugs. Probably my favorite was acid, and coke was great, too. A side benefit was that I got lots of snatch with the drugs, in addition to supporting myself by reselling on campus. I liked the Conservatory and my life there. I lived off-campus and usually had a girl staying with me. I gave them drugs; they gave me sex. Symbiosis, as my bio prof would say.

If I can sing and play drums, that’s cool. We’ll just have to see what happens.

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