Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Business Start-Up Book in draft


The book on starting a business is done in first draft. I still need to add graphics, have it edited and proofread, choose a title and convert for publication as an e-book. Perhaps by March.

I discovered decades ago that questions are far more valuable than answers. The right answer to the wrong question is worthless. After working in and on startups for more than half a century, I know what the right questions are. The answers will be different for everyone. They have to be, because the startup is your business and no one else's.

There are four proven ways to get rich quick: 

Sell stuff:


 Create a Get Rich Quick Scam

Starting your own business probably won’t make you rich quick, and might not make you rich slowly, either. It will be the most difficult and rewarding thing you ever do, and is the best way to achieve socioeconomic mobility and realize the American dream.By answering a few dozen questions, you're on your way.

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