Thursday, May 11, 2017

Two projects shelved, two new ones started

I have shelved two books in progress, Habeas Corpse, a mystery, and Spring Break Awakening, a coming of age story. The latter isn’t going in the direction I want; I’m bored with the mystery. fI I’m bored, I can’t expect readers to be interested.

Instead, I started today on Life Creates, Volume III of the Life Stories Series. The first two volumes were quite angst-filled, and this one will have a great deal less anger. Ethan, the step-father, narrated the first two volumes. Alex, the step-son, will narrate this one. I expect to reach completed draft in about three elapsed months, as I’m working on other things simultaneously.

Recent interest in Four Seconds on the Clock has caused me to start planning a sequel: Four Seconds on the Clock, the College Years.  I expect to reach completed drat in about two and a half elapsed months. I’ll keep you updated.

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