Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Works In Progress

I’m currently writing

Did You Ever See Allegro?, the story of a college garage band 1969-1970. It’s about two thirds done. The stories about the music industry, what happens at concerts behind the scenes, and how relationships affect a band, and how the band affects relationships, are true-to-life. It follows the band members from the band’s end in 1970 through 2015.

Spring Break Awakening, a story of two college-age couples who attend the first Mediterranean-style Spring Break offering in the Americas. They meet two other college-age couples, and the lives of all eight are changed forever. The events that occur are taken from information about the wild and uninhibited programs that take place in Spain and Cyprus.

Habeas Corpse, a legal mystery set in Vermont. Still in the early stages. The protagonist is a female, something I have never before attempted. Julia Linkhammer just finished her first year as an associate at Larkin and Howe, LLP. Someone is trying to kill her. The problem is she not only doesn’t know who, she has no idea why.

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