Thursday, March 9, 2017

Works in Progress

I’ve got several things in progress:

Did You Ever See Allegro?, tale of an unsuccessful 1969-1970 college garage band. About 70% complete, probably the only book I will release before next year.

Harassing, mystery, sequel to Taunting in the Flint Files series. About 5% complete.

Life Creates, volume three of the Life Stories series, in concept stage. The first two volumes were narrated by Ethan, a journalist. Volume three will be narrated by his step-son, Alex.

Spring Break Awakening, a stand-alone that follows two couples who go on Spring Break, and the changes it brings to their lives. About 15% complete. This is the only survivor among seven sketches; none of the rest was worth keeping.

The Head Game, sports comedy. About 5% complete. Volume three of the Gulfside City series.

The Women of New England, mystery, about 5% complete. Written to a publisher’s specifications. When published, it will have a different title and a different author.

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