Thursday, February 25, 2016

Meet the nurses: The Guys

In addition to the women there are two male nurses who play significant roles. In Finding Closure, Brian (no last name) is a home health care nurse who is in and out of the story caring for Luke after surgery and an overdose, and trying to find couples counseling for Luke (gay) and Mike (straight).

Dr. Tony Sheffield is a DVM, a veterinarian. He also retained his license as a Licensed Practical Nurse and looks after a variety of the characters (human and other animals) in both the Life Stories series and the Finding series. Tony was a roommate with Brett, Luke's straight brother. Their girlfriends got turned on watching them fool around a bit, and Tony discovered it turned him on, also. Brett threw him out.

When last seen Tony was having an affair with a female internist, Jeanine, who is Mike's doctor. He's also having an affair with Marcus, roommate to Mike and Luke. Marcus and Jeanine are each aware of the other and don't mind. The two relationships never overlap.

Tony provides a major assist with Alex DeLauder, Ethan McQuade's rebellious step-son who is suffering meltdowns from a combination of grief, depression and anxiety. He also recognizes when Luke has gone off his depression medications and convinces his physician to have Luke involuntarily committed to a mental hospital. Tony is an all-around good guy and a frequent Good Samaritan.

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