Sunday, October 23, 2016

Finding Friendship now available for pre-order

Finding Friendship, first book of the Finding Trilogy, is now available for pre-order on at Pre-order price is $0.99, which will rise to $2.99 on October 31.

A gay man and a straight man fall for each other. Each brings issues and baggage to the relationship aside from different sexual orientations. Mike wants affection, which Luke supplies in large quantities. Luke wants a friend who accepts him as he is, which Mike does completely.

Luke refuses to give his heart to anyone because he has been badly burned twice. Mike is afraid he's being too needy and will drive Luke away. Mike won't do "gay stuff," but that doesn't preclude cuddling, kissing and more. Luke is afraid he'll lose Mike to a woman, while Mike is afraid he'll lose Luke to someone willing to have gay sex.

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