Monday, April 23, 2018

Writing a mystery

Writing a mystery is a bit more difficult than it might seem. The story is easy; building the tension and dropping clues in the right places means a whole lot of rewriting.

As time is available, I’m working on Harassing, the sequel to Taunting. Homeless women are being abducted in Mississippi and Louisiana, too many to be a coincidence. The obvious conclusion is that there’s a sexual predator on the loose. The only problem with that is that the women are returned unharmed, with no signs of sexual assault.

Local law enforcement in the two states get together to go over the cases, and tap Buzz Bakersfield, local miscreant doing community service, to help with clerical work. Buzz starts connecting the dots, the first step in what becomes a nationwide investigation for who and why. There seems to be a lot more to this than meets the eye, but without knowing why women are being kidnapped, there’s no way to learn who is doing it. An analyst in the New Orleans FBI office proposes a far-fetched theory, which would have been ignored if someone hadn’t tried to kill him that night. The FBI halts everything until the source of the leak can be identified. Danny Flint and the High-Profile Crimes team keep going on their own, convinced that both the leak and the murder attempt were local.

They were right, but the only person who could identify the source of the hit order is killed in a gunfight. Kidnapping patterns change significantly, to include mass abduction raids on homeless encampments, and taking citizens off the street. Danny and his team put together patterns, clues and reasonable assumptions, most of which turn out to be correct. Still, nobody has answers to the big questions, and when a state senator is kidnapped, what had been a low-profile investigation becomes a national frenzy. What do the abductors want from these women, and what is their fate? Read and find out.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Free Promotion March 9-10

To celebrate its recent positive review, Finding Friendship, volume one of the Finding Series, is on free promotion March 9-10, in Amazon's Kindle Store.

"This was a good book but like I said you definitely do not want to read this one unless you are planning to read the next one soon after because of the way it ends abruptly. I enjoyed this series. I think others will also."

Read the entire review here.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Five-Star Review for Four Seconds on the Cloock

" ,,, hopefully there will be another book for these two in the future."

You can read the entire review here. There are three more books planned in the Four Seconds series, and, spurred by a reader's request, I've started pre-draft notes on Book Four of the Finding Series.


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Review of Finding Friendship: "This book left me riling for more."


Four out of five stars in an independent review of FindingFriendship.

Read the entire review here: The reviewer ends with this:

This was a good book but like I said you definitely do not want to read this one unless you are planning to read the next one soon after because of the way it ends abruptly. I enjoyed this series. I think others will also.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Current Status of Books

Taking time off to work on a series of short stories for a European client, write a business book for a U.S. client, and work on a business book of my own. I still expect to publish Did You Ever See Allegro? this Spring. 

About twenty percent of the way through Harassing, sequel to Taunting, and book two of the Flint Files Mysteries. The same cast of characters moves between and among the Flint Files, the Life Stories Series, and the Finding Series. While developing Harassing, I realized that there was more to Mike and Luke’s story; they were back in New Orleans at the beginning of Harassing, nearly three years after we last saw them. I’ve started notes for a fourth Finding book.

Ethan and Alex have more to tell, as well. Life Creates, narrated by Alex this time, begins with Ethan and Carly’s wedding, and Alex striking out on his own with his lawyer girlfriend, Deidre. As of the wedding, Mike and Luke were still in the U.S., Danny and his elite squad were in a slow period, and Damion and nurse Veronica had just begun looking for a place to live. Melvin Brown had been promoted to Lieutenant, and was on loan to the state to support complex cases.

Around the same time, in Gulside City, Logan and Tommy are leaving for their first year of college. Tommy narrates the story, in Four Seconds on the Clock: College Freshmen. Jake, Elvis and Woody have returned to Stoneport after The Trip to Helen Gawne. Alejandro sold his practice to Logan’s uncle, and returned to Arizona to be with Starshine Deer Dropping. He accepted a job with the State Attorney General, enforcing ethics standards for lawyers on all sides. Alejandro – also known as TDP (Tall, Dark and Promiscuous) – is thinking about writing his own book.

They don’t know it yet, but dental surgeon Elvis, and his podiatrist girlfriend, Fran, will shortly leave on a medical mission to Africa. The mission is led by an internist, and the couple will find themselves performing general surgery. And, Stoneport High School prepares for a new basketball season. That story is being written in a new comedy, The Head Game.