Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Trip to Helen Gawne to go on a countdown special.

The Trip to Helen Gawne, an unusual buddy-road trip comedy, goes on a countdown deal starting June 20, 2016. It will be available until the morning of June 24 for $0.99, then until the morning of June 27 for 1.99. After that, it reverts to its standard price of $2.99

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Four lifetime friends go on a road trip to take one last shot at winning the heart of their mutual former crush, the Prom Queen. Except it’s almost fifty years after high school and the guys are all in their sixties. What can possibly go wrong?
Jake, Elvis, Woody and Alessandro travel from the Florida Panhandle to Las Vegas to see Helen Bradley. Helen married Richie Gawne, the basketball star in a sports-crazy town. An unfortunate accident with a bouncing basketball knocked loose a nasty clot in Richie’s brain and, well, he’s now playing for another team. And his widow, Helen Gawne, is once more available.
As their golden years tarnish before their eyes, the four friends take off cross-country on their last desperate shot at youth. They’re on The Trip to Helen Gawne.

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